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David Matoza


A recent San Jose State University grad, David earned his Bachelors degree in Film with a minor in Business Finance. He brings a 3D animation background and toolset to the table as well as inherited business knowledge from having grown up here in Silicon Valley during the 90s dot com boom.

His passion for production and leadership was well-represented during his college career, both producing and directing projects and gathering the needed knowledge on how to drive a film to completion. He has worked as a Dolly Grip, PA, and several other positions on a film set. A thirst for knowledge and passion to strive for greatness is what drives Dave the most.

Dave returned home from working on the East Coast in Orlando, doing graphics, video editing and compositing for eCoaching Technologies. His return home has allowed him to be closer with family. He hopes to be able to stay in the area, close to family and friends all while being vested in the film industry.

ALIAS: From Nothing Entrepreneur

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