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J.J. Akau has continued to establish a reputation for being the "go-to film guy."  He has crewed in almost every position on set and has directed over a dozen short films, commercials, music videos, and personal projects.  With a sense for finding quick and forward-thinking solutions, he continues to push forward in his career as an independent filmmaker with a strong focus on world building and story cohesiveness.

J.J. received his Bachelors in Digital Film and Video Production and graduated as the Valedictorian of his class.  He began searching for like-minded filmmakers and storytellers to link up professionals and amateurs within the Bay Area - an area dominated by corporate and commercial ventures.

J.J. Akau

Victoria Nunez


Victoria has produced multiple short films and passion projects, many of which she has written. She participated in a 3 Day Film Challenge: Horror edition as a producer; Cull won Best Film and Audience Choice Award.

Victoria started college a month after graduating high school majoring in Digital Film and Video Production. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science early 2016. She has always had a passion for storytelling, starting with creating her own comics and novels all throughout her schooling. Her academic training provided a strong foundation in story structure, plot and character development as she honed her skills as a writer. Victoria understands the writing process and what it takes to breakdown a story.


A recent San Jose State University grad, David earned his Bachelors degree in Film with a minor in Business Finance. He brings a 3D animation background and toolset to the table as well as inherited business knowledge from having grown up here in Silicon Valley during the 90s dot com boom.

His passion for production and leadership was well-represented during his college career, both producing and directing projects and gathering the needed knowledge on how to drive a film to completion. He has worked as a Dolly Grip, PA, and several other positions on a film set. A thirst for knowledge and passion to strive for greatness is what drives Dave the most.

Dave returned home from working on the East Coast in Orlando, doing graphics, video editing and compositing for eCoaching Technologies. His return home has allowed him to be closer with family. He hopes to be able to stay in the area, close to family and friends all while being vested in the film industry.

David Matoza

Carl Joseph Schreiber


Carl Joseph Schreiber is a LA/SF Actor and Producer with over 10 years of experience. He first developed a love for acting while reenacting movie scenes for his older brother’s amusement, and acting in grade school plays. Carl graduated from UCLA where he majored in Economics. Since then, Carl has booked a recurring role on a CBS TV show, nominated twice as Best Leading Actor in a feature film, and played lead and supporting roles in many indie award winning films.


As an independent filmmaker, he has worn many hats including Executive Producer to Associate Producer.

For more of Carl's work, check out: CARL JOSEPH SCHREIBER

Nic "Doc" Cornett



Nic was born in the small Oxfordshire town of Upperheyford, England. He has an older brother, Christopher, and younger sister, Rachel. Nic began his acting career in college.

He owned his own production company in Knoxville, TN and worked as a producer for Comcast Spotlight in 2007. Nic has worked in front of the camera as an actor and extra, as well as behind the lens as Director, Producer, Writer, and Cinematographer.

Nic Enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2008 and completed his honorable service in 2016. He married Jan Cornett in June of 2011, and they are living happily together traveling the country and the world.

Nic Lives in Los Angeles, CA working as a Cinematographer, Unit Production Manager, and Assistant Director.

For more of Nic's work, check out: LAB-SKY FILMS


Teresa moved to California from New Jersey over 20 years ago.  She worked in the corporate world for as long as she could remember and has always been dissatisfied with it.  After a few years, she lost both of her parents, which changed her whole outlook on life.  Teresa realized that life is too short, and she didn’t want to waste anymore time doing something she hated.  This is when she wrote and directed her first short film.  She caught the filmmaking bug and has been doing as many projects as she can find ever since.

Teresa Langley


Greg Carig is a photographer based in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied photography at local community colleges which allowed him to explore both digital and film photography. Greg changed his direction by enrolling at The Art Institute of California – Silicon Valley in their Digital Filmmaking and Video Production program where he earned his B.S. degree. While attending the Art Institute Greg developed his skills in both cinematography and photography.

Greg finds inspirations all around him whether out on the street, on the internet or watching movies. Greg found his passion for storytelling in both photography and filmmaking and he constantly challenges himself with every project he works on. He mostly shoots stories around people and still life which has a story to tell. Everything has a significant meaning and he wants to express those meanings through artistic visions.

For more of Greg's work, check out Greg Carig Photography

Greg Carig

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