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48 Hour Film Project


The Hooligans participated in the 48 Hour Film Project - San Jose this past weekend for the first time. Since moving back home, we wanted to reach out to some new talented creatives that we may have missed after we went down to Los Angeles last year. We had such a great time with everyone that helped us to build this film in just 48 hours time! Unfortunately during our final render, our computer took a major dump on us and we did not have a chance to re-render in time. We missed the deadline for the contest, but we will still be played during the initial city preimere on June 27.

Our initial thought process was to get back on set and to see what newer teams we can build. In those regards, we were extremely successful! A huge challenge we came across was the genres we picked: Road Movie or Martial Arts. One of our initial actors had a martial arts background but could not make it out so we scrapped that idea and went with Road Movie. We've never made an "on-the-road" film before, much less one with a story told in just a 4-7 minutes. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.

One of our biggest challenges was the choice to use green screens for all of the car scenes to minimize liability and ease production (single location for most of the travelling sequences). It was the first time we've ever even attempted to do this in broad daylight. Having to edit, key out the green, and composite a background (all taken within the timeframe of the 48 hours) was such a huge accomplishment in our eyes! The render was what surprised us as we had a few hours left after all the fixes we had to implement to make a complete film in time - we even went over the allotted 7-minute time limit in the beginning and had to cut out a lot in the end.

Another huge challenge we had was the lack of key crew members (e.g. audio, editor, VFX, etc). This was Father's Day weekend, and so many people were out of town or booked on other projects that could not join us. However, we had an outstanding cast and crew that did show up and truly whooped it on, pulling multiple roles on set, and helped problem solve to finish the shoot day in 8 hours instead of 12.

Overall, it was disappointing that we didn't make it in time but on the flip side, we truly accomplished some great things in such a short amount of time. We also met some really awesome people that we want to work with again in the future. So, to all of the 48 Hour Film Project contestants that made it in time... Good luck to you all!! We may be back next year!! Cheers!!

Written by: J. Hooligan

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