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Fast Times at the American Film Market 2018


The Hooligans have made it down to AFM (American Film Market) this year! It's our first time here, and in just 2 days we learned so much. From traversing the Loews Hotel floor-by-floor to hanging out on the Santa Monica Pier's Carousel for Cocktail Hour, our time in just 2 days have been phenomenal and eye-opening!

Us Hooligans have always adopted a learning mentality to every situation that we've encountered and this was no different. We quickly understood the movement and goals of how business flowed in the hotel and even switched up tactics after Day 01. We chose to attend AFM last minute at the beginning of October after tickets were on sale, so we didn't have any meetings set prior to coming down. Instead of the traditional route of contacting people via phone, email, or the AFM app directory, we chose to pass by every exhibitor floor-by-floor, door-to-door. Though it may seem extremely counter-intuitive, it was an adaptation that was necessary for us for the timing and position we were in on top of the development we prepped for our series. When we soon found out that most every Exhibitor is actually purely there to purchase films (not many dev teams or financiers present), we switched our tactics in setting meetings. Moving on to our 3rd day, we've already scheduled almost half a dozen prospective meetings with possible clients, partners, and producers.

We attended the Cocktail Carousel event our very first night which doubled as our traveling day (yeah, we drove). I think it was a great opener for us and got us to relax a bit as we rode the carousel and enjoyed some libations with other filmmakers and creatives. If you missed our Live Video on Instagram - shame on you (kidding... but only slightly, you can follow us there).

We've got another day left before we head back home, but never with our tails between our legs. After our long day of walking yesterday, we had such a renewed drive that expanded our vision for our company and how we want to move forward coming back home.

Here's to movement forward!! Cheers from the Hyde Hooligans!!

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