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'Deadpool 2' - A Hooligan Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2018


I laughed. I cried. I got mildly uncomfortable at the amount of penis I bore witness to. Not really; I enjoyed every minute of Reynolds’ nudity as per usual, and it was a great and fun movie to watch! Look out below because there are:



Let’s be serious. It’s Deadpool! If he’s not your favorite thing on your lips after the first movie, then you’re not going to enjoy this one. But if you took his advice and didn’t swallow - just let it sit on your tongue a bit longer to really soak up the flavor until your tongue was numb only to want more of it a second go - then you’ll love Deadpool 2! So many great references to itself, callbacks from the first movie, and pop culture all in one.

I really enjoyed Van Wilder-, I mean, Ryan Reynold’s being able to keep the spirit of Deadpool alive but with an emotional capacity behind him. Josh Brolin did great as Cable - the Thanos reference was fantastic. Even Colossus had revealed he’s got great buns of steel to prove the entirety of his rock-hard... uhh, constitution.


One bad I found was that there were so many references and overlapping jokes that sometimes I felt a tad overwhelmed with the level of humor that most people aren’t used to experiencing. I enjoyed it, but anybody that hasn’t grown up with such references may not be able to recognize exactly how brilliantly the jokes were written. Recalling the opening notes of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” made the next sequence predictable to an extent, but it was still funny. Additionally, I tried talking to people about how the Juggernaut Operatic Theme was hilarious when I heard it mid-fight, but they thought it was only at the end of the credits.

The kid who played Firefist, Julian Dennison, though a relative unknown to the acting world, was lacking in his acting overall. That being said, he is a kid and still did well for this type of role. I almost felt the studio banked on the fact that he had an accent to hide any rehearsals they decided not to include him in, but who’s to say that was the case. There was enough to occupy my mind in the meantime, but he was a bit annoynig from time to time- like when he had lines. That’s harsh, isn’t it? To be fair, I’d still like to see him in Deadpool 3: The D of Life (not an actual title).

I wish they played out Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) more than they had advertised her to be. It’s as if the writers threw her in for callback juice only without actually wanting her as a supporting character - they gave that to the CGI’d Colossus instead.

Also, why didn’t they expand on X-Force? It was a big part of the sellability from the trailers to allude for recurring roles later, but I guess the money was better spent on the X-Men cameos for that half a second they were on screen (worth it).


If you ever wanted to know what Ryan Reynolds looks like with a toddler penis, you can either ask his wife or watch Deadpool 2. If you missed it, it was coupled with the Basic Instinct reference amongst the vast pool of dick jokes. Hilarious, to say the least.

The one major scene I wasn’t savvy on was the death scene after the final battle. The cadence of the entire film was established really well all the way through, but this particular portion felt like it was overplayed. The joke was funny at first, but I believe they broke the rule of 3 for humor, and it ended up as if we were staring at a burn victim beating a dead unicorn wearing a choke collar... the unicorn, not the burn victim... or maybe the burn victim... both work actually.

Speaking of which, I may have missed it. Hooligan V and I were questioning where the unicorn was hiding the whole time. I guess we’ll just have to go watch it again to find out if we really did miss it, or come to terms that it’s actually just a douchebag only interested in sex who never calls after one tug-n-plug and then steals $20 from your wallet for an Uber ride home.


Deadpool 2 was everything we wanted from a sequel of Deadpool. Despite being a bit predictable, I found myself cracking up even at the overtly violent kills. I enjoyed Deadpool 2 more than Infinity War for... well, for being Deadpool. They were right to keep him out of Avengers for sure. If you missed the mid-credit sequences, be sure to go back and check them out. There’s nothing at the end except the fantastic Juggernaut Operatic Theme (that’s just what I’m calling it). Go enjoy Deadpool 2!!

Written by: -J Hooligan

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