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Hiatus Momentartum


I feel like it's been forever since I've updated this thing. Actually, it has been, but we've been pushing forward like no tomorrow!! UPDATE TIME!!

- Successfully edited my first feature film

- Pulled Double Duty as Script Supervisor and Editor for a project

- Trained another Script Supervisor

- Finished the 10X Rule

- Halfway through "Who is Michael Orvitz" the founder of CAA (really interesting book)

- Advised and Mentored on Story Development for a few shorts and features

- Outlined the entirety of a 12-episode show

So, it's been a pretty amazing few months, to say the least. There's still A LOT more in store for us as we prep to head down to AFM (the American Film Market) this weekend! It'll be our first time going, and we're definitely going to absorb as much as possible!

Additionally, we are looking to solidify some partnerships with a couple of other studios out here that have the same passion and drive as we do as well as the business acumen to prove longevity for all of our creative careers!

Stay tuned as we are are heading right back into everything!!

-J Hooligan

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