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New Ventures!!


As we pass the halfway mark through January, I can't help but remember all that's transpired in the past couple of weeks. The Wandering Kiltsman is another step closer to being launched as the Hooligans are setting up the back-end policies, paperwork, and... other "P" words, I suppose. I'm... tired... but still felt like updating this since we've been blessed with business and busyness.

This next venture for the Wandering Kiltsmen pits one of our Hooligans into one of his passions: thru-hiking. That means that as Producers and Managers, we will be spinning ourselves up on the subject to pull in people and resources to help make an ongoing, content-driven channel. We are currently setting up the website for future sponsors at:

Hopefully, by the time you read this it'll be completed. There will be links to the YouTube page for videos, a geo-tracker to keep up with where he's currently at for his hike, and more. I suppose it's worth mentioning that he is planning on doing the Triple Crown - 3 thru-hike trails across the US. As we need to learn more about everything that is involved, as mentioned, this is going to be one hell of an adventure for all of us!

On top of the new website and YouTube channel, we are still pushing to keep our heads in the Producing world for feature films. We have a few more courses to complete for the distro side, but our reach and knowledge is ever expanding!

Well, time for bed. Tomorrow we have more meetings with some awesome marketing teams. Have a great one!

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