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PROUD Trailer


January has been a whirlwind of a month so far! We just got back from a Daymond John seminar and have many new ideas on how to structure our business. On top of that, the trailer for the short film PROUD has just dropped! The Hooligans took to the set and filled the role as Script Supervisors, and then continued on to the Editing Room. The trailer just came out today so check it out!

PROUD Trailer on Vimeo

There are other projects still on the line for us for this year, but this was a great one to get under our belts. It supplied us with a platform for mentoring a new Script Supervisor as well as get back into the indie film community here in the Bay Area.

We will be headed to L.A. soon for another day trip to hit up one of our close friends and Producers in the indie world of So Cal and to meet up with the Wandering Kiltsman for a follow-up. The Wandering Kiltsman website is live and growing, but there is still so much more to do! So, so much on the horizon for the Hyde Hooligans, so be on the look out for what's new!

Have a great day!

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