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So Long AFM, and Thanks for All the Fish


The Hooligans have headed back home after 4 days down at the American Film Market. As our first time there, we attended under the premise that we were there to learn. As mentioned in previous blogs here, we were completely humbled by the number of people that helped us out and are so very grateful for them!

Did You Learn Anything?

Ohhhh yeah we did! As I said, our goal was purely to network and educate ourselves on the market and the types of deals Distributors and Buyers are looking to make. We really did go floor-by-floor, door-to-door and poked our heads into practically every room if they were open. The most valuable thing we learned was what direction we want to take the company.

What's Next?

We've been alluding to a change in structure and have engaged in long discussions about the future of Hyde Hooligan Films, LLC (we had the time as we drove back home). We are definitely still developing our own movies, but in the meantime we will be offering a new set of services to other filmmakers in the Bay Area and everywhere.

Additionally, we are currently in negotiations about slating a new feature film collab with a couple of studios in the area. There is already a script available that we are reviewing to see if it it fits our style but are overall enthusiastic about making this come to fruition. Details will be coming soon so be on the look out for that as well.

It is as we said - a lot of changes coming our way! We've hit bumps, hills, and mountains, but we're traversing them all and pushing forward. Stick with it!

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