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Spreading Yourself Thin?? Discipline Rules All!!


One of the toughest moves I've made this year was to open my own production company quickly. I had mentioned to one of my business partners that I felt I incorporated prematurely as there was plenty of work that wasn't completed at the time. He assured me that the timing was right even if it didn't seem that way. Although I do agree with him in that a lot has changed since then, I still feel that playing "catch up" isn't the right way to go about it. I can also recognize that that's typically how new business owners feel as, yes, I am a new business owner myself.

I've purposely been putting myself into a place to gain more traction, but establishing that AFTER incorporating a business makes everything seem so daunting. I won't lie; I constantly feel spread thin as I take on project after project from the ground levels up. However, the greatest thing in the world is when you start to notice that shift. We've done a lot to preserve our credibility and to SHOW people what we can do rather than just TALK about what we can. It's definitely been a very long, trying year so far, but all of us here are slowly starting to feel the wind pick up to let our business fly!

I will say this: Motivation is for the weak!! Discipline rules all!! If we only set out to accomplish our goals when we were motivated to do so, then we'd never accomplish anything. It's never been about motivating ourselves to do something great; it's been about staying disciplined at chipping away those pieces, engaging in those moments we feel spread thin, digging down, and pushing forward regardless of that crappy feeling of not being or having enough. How do you want your success served up? Take your order; don't let it take you!!

On a side note... I'm not savvy on where that butter knife is placed with the grape jelly up there...

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