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Transparency Is Proving the Best Policy

This picture was taken at a Panera Bread. It was such a catchy name that we don’t mind putting it up here.


It’s after 1am here on Monday evening as we converge after Day 3 of our journey at AFM. Our meetings were fantastic and even landed a few others along the way. This trip has been a huge success towards what we wanted, and we are so ready to move forward when we get back home!!

Today was filled much more with passersby that we struck conversations with alongside our set meetings. Yesterday, I met a fantastic woman from Canada traversing AFM for the first time like us. We had a great conversation until we had to leave for an event, but she gave my team and I renewed motivation and perspective that we hadn’t thought of before.

Earlier today while waiting in line to check availability for an Exhibitor, a couple of experienced writers waiting alongside us struck up a conversation with us. I kind of went off talking about the military as one of them had retired from the Navy. Still, it was refreshing to see other prior servicemen/women venturing off in the creative realm of film.

One gentlemen that stopped where we were struck up a conversation because he recognized us walking around everywhere. He is actually based closer to home than here and had given us some great advice on moving forward.

I met a really great couple while sitting down after walking for a few hours. They‘re creating scripts and songs for musicals in a multitude of genres. While talking to them, I found that my team and I both carried very similar mindsets and views of story. It was such a comforting sight to see a family working together for their future.

As I mentioned before, this trip has been massively successful in terms of the goals we set out to achieve. The fog in the distance has gotten just a little bit clearer as we set sail in the direction we‘ve been forging for ourselves, and we can’t wait to bring you along with us!! I wanted to say that we were often met with the tough exterior of the Sales/Negotiator Beast on more many occasion, but after an honest, upfront exchange of what our goals were, it was easy to have them open up to us and our willingness to learn. We don’t buy into the stigma that the film industry is full of cutthroat backstabbers as we’ve heard many people attempt to preach to us. We‘ve been extremely humbled by the sheer number of people from all over the world that were willing to help us just from the simple act of asking for it, and we are eternally grateful for all of them!!

Be sure to follow us here and our other social media outlets to continue on this journey. We definitely made the right move coming here!!

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