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Us here at Hyde Hooligan Films fill our day with a lot. Like a lot a lot. Even during the holiday weekend, we've been building and creating to no end. It's just what we love to do! As such, some of us have recently started up our own pages so people can see us as we are (links below). We come from diverse backgrounds, but a huge similarity we share is that we all come from nothing. We don't come from money, we haven't ridden on someone else's coattails - we've built from the ground up with absolutely nothing but ourselves and the love and support of our family and friends.

It's been quite the trip for us in film. As for myself, I officially started my journey as a filmmaker in 2013 and haven't stopped trying to improve my craft. Like any skill set, it takes time to become proficient in it. The faster you let go of your ego, the faster you can absorb as much as you can and grow. That's been a huge staple in this industry that we've found when you say you come from a film school (any film school). Ego plays a significant part in learning how you learn. You're not going to know everything, and we've never touted that belief. The moment you think you know everything is the moment you're wrong. You become stagnant and stop growing.

This has nothing to do with reminding yourself of your accomplishments and boosting morale. You can still recognize good work without over-fluffing compliments. So many amateur workers believe being straight-forward means you have to be an asshole, which is absolutely not true. Being an asshole means you berate, insult, and put someone down for their work. Telling someone what's wrong with their work or how it can improve means they may see something you don't (or can't see what you're trying to convey). This is what focus groups are for - to acid test your abilities. Use them! Take the feedback and move on. If you're the owner of the IP, then you have to absorb such criticisms in stride and pick and choose what's worth taking in for yourself, which is a skill unto itself.

Create a habit of learning and relearning what you know, and absorb everything critically. Build a team that builds each other up with constructive feedback. That's the Hooligan way.

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