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No Sleep for the Wicked


Welcome to Bloggerithms!! It's literally just my own fancy twist on the overused term: "blog".

Since we incorporated, my work routine has been going non-stop. Although working from home can be great, there are some downsides to it. For instance, my daily routine has literally been wake up, slide over to my computer, work all day, sleep, repeat. This has been going every day for the past couple of months or so, even on weekends. I can't really remember the last time I took a day off.

I can handle stress pretty well, but even I have a breaking point - don't worry, I'm nowhere near there yet so you'll have to wait a little longer before I breakdown on here in a self-pity post. (Sorry, not sorry.) Anyway, tonight I was supposed to continue writing my script but got into revamping the website instead. I think it looks good and a little more streamline, but it feels good to take a break from Creative once in awhile. It would be cool to get an actual Web Designer to spruce it up for us, but this is how it goes for our first startup for now.

As I've said before: we tilt, we shift, we adapt when we need to so we can thrive. It's been the basis of why we can get through every problem we run into and how we've never just "quit" any productions we've been a part of in the past no matter how shitty they may have been - egos... egos everywhere! The world is too full of NOs to continue filling it with more especially when it comes to green-lighting projects. We have a huge slate of film ideas we're ready to collaborate on with others in a variety of genres. We still have our Horror roots, but we also know that many other filmmakers and studios want to focus on films they resonate with and align with their own ethos.

That kind of brings me back to a huge problem I've seen seeing everywhere in so many topics. It's as if people have lost the ability to listen to one another. Presumptions, assumptions, and misunderstandings seem to sprout everywhere even when other's aren't opposing someone's view at all. It's as if everyone has forgotten what Intolerance really means: the unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one's own. True peace, true coexistence can never exist until we can all disagree with each other and still be OK with it. I truly don't care if people hold a different opinion than my own - I'm not them nor are they me (expecting such a notion is ridiculous and rooted in fantasy for control) - but I've found people showing more hate and anger towards others instead of starting a discussion to find some sort of common ground, even from people I've known or respected for years. Even if some common ground can't be established, it's as if any sort of deviation from one's own opinions somehow threaten their entire existence. Sorry, but if someone's alternate experience, view, and/or opinion can shake your own beliefs to the point of knee-jerk, overt anger and hatred, then maybe your views aren't as strong as you think they are... just saying. Passion without direction is like burning an entire field of your crops just to stay warm for the night.

It's been a strange few days for sure, and one where assumptions have been flying off the handle from so many angles without even so much as an inquiry or discussion. People who once respected others and their right to having their own opinion have closed off completely and replaced it with spewing insults and cynicism. I can admit that I've had trouble with it as well. I've been finding myself having to focus harder not to become too jaded and must resist harder from reverting back to being an asshole. I used to find a lot of pleasure and fun in being the sarcastic jerk who tears people down for sport, but I've come a long way since then. That's usually the progress people make when they grow personally, so this mass reversion away from growth is both uncomfortable and unsettling when I see it everyday and practically everywhere. When did we decide to stop becoming better than our older selves and blaming everyone else for our problems??

I suppose that's why it's been harder to find good people to work with these days. Not that there aren't any, and I've been fortunate to find some within my own city on some of our latest projects, but we all have to be especially vigilant with ourselves, most certainly in an artistic medium. Being able to have a good attitude and moving away from the toxicity people exert is a skill that I will never stop working on, even more-so when that toxicity is coming from inside myself. We are all but reflections of ourselves, after all.

Ah OK. Now that that's all out of my system, I can get back to writing my script... or maybe sleep for a bit since it is 6:40a right now. Good night/morning! I hope you make today a great one!

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